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Supported networks

Indid is designed to accommodate a diverse range of blockchain networks, ensuring your projects can cater to a global audience. While we currently support a select group of networks, we're continuously expanding our compatibility to encompass a broader spectrum of platforms.

To stay informed about the latest supported networks and their respective features, simply click on the button below. This will direct you to a dedicated page where you can view a comprehensive list of all the networks that we currently support and those we plan to add in the near future.

Made for developers with ❤️

Streamline Your Development

Eliminate the complexities and seamlessly integrate blockchain features into your applications

Sponsored Transaction

Sponsor transactions on behalf of your users to enhance user experience and reduce transaction fees


Eliminate the risk of lost or stolen private keys with our integrated wallet recovery solution

This is how Indid works

We handle the wallet tech, so you can focus on shipping an amazing product.

Simplify, streamline, and empower your development journey​

Our platform is strategically crafted to address the complexities inherent in the innovative nature of blockchain technology.

Copyright © 2024 KNOBS S.r.l. All rights reserved

Copyright © 2024 KNOBS S.r.l. All rights reserved